Need interior design help, but unsure if a traditional designer is the way to go? E-design might be just what you’re looking for!

But first – what exactly is e-design? Well, I already have an explanation on my e-design page, but another quick run through is totally worthwhile.

E-design is just another way of saying online interior design. Instead of hiring a designer who you work with in-person, you hire someone to work with online – typically via email.

E-design is known for being less expensive and a quicker process compared to traditional interior design. It’s best suited for people who want help choosing items for their home, but are okay doing the purchasing and set-up themselves.

Let it be known that even though I’m comparing e-design to traditional design, I am in no way knocking traditional interior designers. One of the great things about technology is that it’s given us so many options – and e-design is just one of them.

Once upon a time, if you needed help pulling together your interior space, you had no choice but traditional interior design.  And because of the cost and availability, most people just automatically said “not for me.” 

But online interior design has made hiring someone with that designer eye much more affordable and accessible. In fact, many traditional designers have added e-design to their services list – or have transitioned to only offering online design.

There are always going to be people who want that highly detailed in-person design experience. But for everyone else – e-design may be the perfect solution.

And here are five reasons why!

E-Design is More Affordable than Traditional Interior Design

Of course we’re going to talk about money first, because it’s probably the number one reason people don’t hire a traditional interior designer. How much a traditional designer charges depends on where you live and who you’re hiring, but The Spruce estimates the average starting price for a single room is $2,000 going all the way up into the $10,000s. 

Plus, some traditional interior designers charge by the hour – ranging from $100-$500 – meaning you don’t necessarily know what the final cost will be when the project first begins.

Much like traditional designers, online design fees have a pretty big range. I’ve seen prices as low as $20 for a design board all the way up to $1,000 because the design package includes a floor plan, 3D renderings and other extra details.


With Of Houses and Trees, you get a design board, setup instructions and a clickable shopping list complete with eco-features, source, prices, applicable discounts and shipping info – all for $149USD.

I’ve priced my e-design package at just under $150, which is on the lowish end, but I really wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible, while still honouring the amount of work that goes into such a project. (I wanted to make it so accessible, that I’m currently offering 50% off with the code GREENHOME50!)

E-Design Allows for a More Flexible Process

We all could use more flexibility in our lives. You know, things that don’t have to be done RIGHT NOW. Things that we can do – oh, I don’t know… when we feel like it maybe?

E-design is more flexible than traditional design for two reasons. The first is that because everything is done online, you interact with the designer on your own timetable.

Too tired to decide if you prefer the light blue throw pillow or the slightly lighter blue one? No prob. Close your laptop. Turn off your phone. Go take a bath. You’ll figure it out tomorrow. Or maybe the next day. Or even the day after that.


Working with an interior designer shouldn’t be stressful, it should be relaxing. Just like my favourite interior space – my bathroom. (Designed by me, of course!)

The second reason it’s more flexible is because once your design is finished, you decide when and in what order to buy the items. You can space out the setting up of your space over the course of weeks – even months if that’s what works for you. And it should be about what works for YOU. It’s your home, after all.

Need help choosing eco-conscious furniture and decor for your home? That’s what I’m here for!

E-Design Has a Shorter Timeline

Aside from price difference, one of the biggest advantages of online interior design is it usually has a very quick turnaround time.

Also like pricing, the timeframe from start to finish varies widely from designer to designer. 

For example, the e-design process here on Of Houses and Trees takes about 7-10 business days. But I’ve seen designers who are able to pull it off in only 3-5. Impressive!

On the other hand, some online interior designers need more time to put things together. This largely depends on how detailed their design packages are, how many projects they take on at one time and whether they work alone or have a team. (FYI – it’s just me over here at Of Houses and Trees!)


Love a boho bedroom, but need a little help pulling together that effortlessly dreamy look? Of Houses and Trees can do that!

Whether an e-design project takes a few days, a few weeks, or even a couple of months, it still tends to be a much shorter timeline than with a traditional designer – who may need several months to a year if the project is really big and really detailed.

E-Design is One of the Easiest Ways to Get the Look You Want

If you often find yourself staring at pictures of beautiful interiors on Pinterest or Instagram, wondering “why doesn’t my house look like that?” – you definitely are not alone.

It happens to all of us (even me!) and it mostly stems from the fact that these interior spaces that constantly catch our eye just have THE LOOK.

Now what exactly THE LOOK is differs from person to person. Some of us like bright, airy spaces. Some of us love an eclectic, plant-filled oasis. Meanwhile, others like a moody, industrial-inspired space. But regardless of the style, these spaces straddle the line between curated and comfortable.


This kitchen certainly has THE LOOK for me. White cabinets, exposed beams, matte black detailing and a vintage patterned rug… yes please! (Image Credit: Liz Marie)

The point is, whatever look it is you’re drawn to – you can get it with e-design. All you have to do is tell the designer what it is you love about a particular space (or multiple spaces) and they will pull it together for you. And all within YOUR budget. (Keep in mind designers aren’t miracle workers… but the really good ones come pretty close!)

E-Design Allows You to Work with Someone Who Aligns with Your Values

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about it, perhaps you like the idea of affordable interior design. Or maybe you lead a crazy busy life and the flexibility sounds like heaven to you.

For me, the most important thing about e-design is that it allows you to work with someone who shares your values, which in my case is sustainability.

Not saying you can’t find a traditional designer who prioritizes sustainability too – obviously you can! But again it’s about the whole affordability/accessibility aspect. If you want to fill your home with eco-conscious, ethical items, the majority of your budget should be going towards the furniture and decor – not the design fee. 


Finding and recommended items for the home that are also kind to the planet is totally my jam.

Sustainable products aren’t always as expensive as people think they are, but they can be more of an investment than the cheap – and often unethically produced – items you find at popular online and in-person furniture and decor stores.

And there you have it – five reasons why e-design may be just the thing you’re looking for. Let me know if you have any questions. You can also read more about my e-design services here

If you’re already sold on the whole eco-conscious e-design thing – fill out my questionnaire to get the ball rolling!


Posted on August 10, 2021

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Need help choosing eco-conscious furniture and decor for your home? That’s what I’m here for!

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What is E-Design? 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Interior Design

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