Being eco-conscious is never more important than when it comes to clothing, toys and care items for babies and children. Our little ones need to be protected from the chemicals often found in non-green products. And they also need to see us supporting sustainable kids brands – so they’ll follow our example when they get older!

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Not only should our little ones be protected from the toxins found in non-green products, we should lead by example - and shop sustainable kids brands!

Want to learn more about sustainable kids and baby products – including a step-by-step guide on how to decorate an eco-friendly kid’s room? Then you should definitely check out these posts!

Posts About Sustainable Baby and Kids Products

How to Decorate an Eco-Friendly Kid’s Bedroom

Decorating an eco friendly kid's room is as easy as reducing, reusing and recycling. Think vintage finds, natural materials and using what you already have!

Rooms for kids are the perfect place to go all out with eco-friendly decor. Why? Because so many parents already want their child’s room to be non-toxic and tend to gravitate toward natural materials anyway. (With the exception of all that unnecessary plastic. There are other options – I promise!) Kids’ rooms are also the perfect place to throw in some secondhand furniture and decor – because it means saving money! And, more importantly, it means there’s no need to buy brand new – and no need for all the packaging that comes with new items.

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Yellow and Grey Toddler Bedroom

Yellow Toddler Bedroom by Of Houses and Trees | Welcome to our yellow toddler bedroom. Featuring grey and white accents and an owl motif. This room is a super happy fun place for a cute and quirky kid!

Here it is friends. The moment I’ve alluded to on several occasions – my eldest daughter’s bedroom reveal. This room is like a vortex that continuously sucks me in. I mean, it’s a super happy fun place that I never have to drag my three year old to as she flails about wildly. Nor visit on numerous occasions during what I refer to as “not so quiet time” because she needs help dressing ponies in their Grand Galloping Gala regalia or requires me to find a teeny doll shoe in the explosive mess of toys.

The thing is, this yellow toddler bedroom truly is a super happy fun place.

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Subscribe to the Of Houses and Trees monthly newsletter and I’ll send you my FREE list of “The 8 Best Places to Buy Eco-Conscious Decor Online.”

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