Green Your Home by Of Houses and Trees | Here are five ways you can green your home and save a few dollars all at the same time, including shopping secondhand, cleaning with vinegar and... sharing!Probably the number one obstacle stopping us earthlings from embracing a more sustainable lifestyle is the belief it will cost more. Because sometimes it really does cost more. Organic food is usually more expensive. Locally made clothing is usually more expensive. Handmade home decor is usually more expensive. One can make the argument that the benefits of such items make the extra cost worth it, but even a treehugger like me knows that’s not always a realistic response.

But do you know what is realistic? The fact that you can green your home AND save money. I mean, what’s not to love? Here are five ways you can up the eco-friendliness of your home and save a few dollars – all at the same time.

Shop Secondhand

Clothing, home decor, furniture, books, items for DIY crafts and construction projects. There are so many ways to turn someone else’s old into your brand new. So many of my favourite things once belonged to someone else. My older daughter’s bedroom is filled to the brim with secondhand items. One of the many reason’s it’s my favourite room in the house!

Green your home and save money by shopping secondhand. Plus, secondhand furniture can be painted any colour you like and has that oh-so-popular vintage charm.

Clean with Vinegar

It’s like the Frank’s RedHot sauce of cleaning. I put that shit on everything. This post includes links to a few of my favourite recipes for cleaning with vinegar. The best thing about it? Your baby can lick the toilet seat immediately after you’ve cleaned it and you don’t have to worry about nasty chemicals. Just good old poop germs. Here’s a short article listing a few of the many things you can clean with vinegar – and beyond.

Forgo Plastic Wrap, Sandwich Bags and Paper Towels

Yes these things are cheap. Yes they make life easy. (They’re so cheap and easy even a greenie like me has them stashed away. For shame.) But they aren’t really necessary. Reusable containers and washable towels work just as well and cost nothing after the initial investment. Let’s give these three items up together, okay?

Green your home and save money by saying no to paper towel, plastic wrap and sandwich bags.

Hold Onto Things Longer

Phones, computers, TVs, toys, memory foam mattresses with cooling gel technology. We want the latest and greatest and we want it nowsterday. But holding onto something you already own a bit longer will help you really get your money’s worth out of it. Plus, when you finally do go buy the next new thing will already be out and you’ll be glad you waited.

Share Your Stuff

Instead of going out and buying tools for a specialty job, borrow from a friend and return the favour when needed. Tired of the artwork that’s been hanging behind your couch for five years? Give it to your friend in exchange for a piece they’ve grown tired of themselves. See? It’s not just for three year olds – sharing is good for everyone. Especially the environment.

Do you have any eco-friendly tips and tricks you use to green your home while also saving money? I’d love to here all about them in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe for posts on architecture, interior design, DIY projects, sustainability, gardening, home decor and healthy eating. You can also now follow my blog with Bloglovin!


Green Your Home | Here are five ways you can green your home and save a few dollars all at the same time, including shopping secondhand, cleaning with vinegar and... sharing!

Posted October 22, 2017

Green Your Home AND Save Money
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