Here's an easy, cheap and fun way to make a no-sew DIY laundry bag. All you need is a pillowcase, a burlap sack, some sisal twine and a few safety pins!Here’s an easy, cheap and fun way to make a DIY hanging laundry bag. Well, it’s fun if you’re a DIY nerdwad like me.

All you need is a pillowcase, a burlap sack, some sisal twine and a few safety pins.

Bonus if they’re old and rusty like the ones I found in my stash. Yes, I have a safety pin stash – don’t you?

Keep reading for directions on how to make a laundry bag out of a pillowcase and a burlap sack!




– large burlap sack (I used one that’s 24″ x 40″. They usually come in packs of four or more so you can make several laundry sacks or use the others for a potato sack race… or for another fun DIY.)

– king-sized cotton pillowcase (They’re 20″ x 40″ and fit inside the burlap sack nicely.)

large safety pins

sisal twine

How to make a no-sew burlap laundry sack.


1) Turn pillow case inside out and slip into burlap sack. Roll top back to reveal a few inches pillowcase. (As you can see in the photo, I also rolled and pinned up the bottom as it was quite lengthy and also – it looks cute.)

2) Pin pillowcase to burlap sack. I used one at the front and one at the back.

3) Pin sisal twine to the top two corners of the sack, which further helps hold the pillowcase in place.

4) Hang your DIY laundry bag where your heart desires.

As you can imagine – this doesn’t even have to be used as a laundry sack. You can use it to hold wrapping paper, or toys, or recycling, or whatever your imagination comes up with. I put my nice shirts and yoga pants in it as I don’t like them to fraternize in the wash with the common laundry.

Speaking of laundry… I may have overflowed the kitchen sink last night and used all our bath towels to do the clean-up. I better go take care of them or tonight we’ll be drying our post-shower asses with nothing but air.

There you go – a super easy burlap sack and pillowcase laundry bag. Let me know in the comments if you give it a try!

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Here's an easy, cheap and fun way to make a no-sew DIY laundry bag. All you need is a pillowcase, a burlap sack, some sisal twine and a few safety pins!

Posted on October 11, 2013

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How To Make a No-Sew Burlap Laundry Sack
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