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Want to create a calming space for the holidays? Here are three living room Christmas decor ideas for a simple and sustainable season.

It’s no secret I like to keep my everyday decor relatively simple. So, it makes sense I also like to keep my Christmas decor simple.

And though the holiday season does amp me up a bit, I try not to let the I-must-have-all-the-things-and-do-all-the-things spirit completely take me over.

I find that one of the best ways to manage the frenetic holiday energy is to keep my seasonal decorating quite minimal.

I also tend to put up the majority of our Christmas decor in the living room instead of all over the house.

Keeping our decorations mostly contained to one space means both putting up and taking down our holiday decor is a much quicker process. Which leaves more time for the things that matter – namely family, gratitude and eating lots and lots of cookies.

I wanted to offer you three living room Christmas decor ideas for easily creating an eco-conscious space this holiday season. There’s no need to decorate until you drop. Instead combine handmade, nature-inspired and thrifted items that will bring you and your loved ones joy without creating a huge impact on our beautiful planet.

Note that this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on a link and make a purchase a small percentage of the sale goes to yours truly. Please know that I strive to only feature eco-conscious products and brands.

Check out the video below, where I talk about my three simple and sustainable tips – while decorating my living room! You can also scroll down to read all about my simple, eco-friendly Christmas decor ideas.

*Keep in mind that I only use the term “Christmas” because that’s what I call it. Please replace it with the word for what you personally celebrate as you read and watch below!*

Watch the Video!

Let Nature Inspire You


As I always say, nature is my favourite place to shop. Most of my simple, sustainable living room Christmas decor ideas revolve around using items from the great outdoors. Now, this may mean nature-inspired shapes like trees, stars and animals like birds or reindeer. In addition, it can mean using actual things from outside, such as twigs, pine cones and antlers.


Nature-inspired colours are another great way to get that simple Christmas decor look. Think white, brown and – of course – green!

Make Your Own Decorations


If taking the time to make your own decorations doesn’t feel that simple to you – hear me out. Sure, we can head to a big box store and buy 24 ornaments for $8. And if that’s what you prefer then you do you. However, I find it much more enjoyable and special to make a few decorations myself and display them with pride every year. My DIY Christmas tree sign and book page orbs are two of my favourites.


And if you’re also wondering how to decorate a small living room for Christmas, making your own decorations is usually the answer because you can create a few unique pieces to fit your specific space. I consider our living room to be on the small side, which I love, because it feels so much more cozy than a big space. Especially at Christmas!

Incorporate Vintage and Thrifted Finds


Any time of the year is a perfect time for vintage and thrifted home decor – particularly Christmastime! Why? Well, first of all, decor with a vintage look gives your space a lived in, warm, comfy feeling. This can mean actual vintage items such as decorations passed down through your family, things found at antique and secondhand stores, or vintage-inspired decor handmade by yourself or local sellers.


And second, buying previously used during a time of year where there is just so much overconsumption makes sense, doesn’t it? It may seem like a small thing, but refusing to buy brand new, plastic-wrapped decor likely made by underpaid workers is a way of taking a stand and voting for the kind of holiday season you want to see.


Happy holidays to you and your loved ones, from me and my loved ones.



Last Updated November 16, 2021 (Originally Posted December 2, 2020)

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3 Living Room Christmas Decor Ideas for a Simple + Sustainable Season
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