Baby Superhero Onesie by Of Houses and Trees | One-of-a-kind baby superhero onesie featuring baby Batman – hand drawn by the extremely talented Devin Patterson. Next up? A baby Catwoman toddler t-shirt!

Devin and I are nerds. If you know us, then you know this. We adore fantasy and sci-fi movies and have been known on occasion to pretend we are ninjas. We geek out over superheroes, routinely discussing them. Mostly it’s me asking him extremely detailed questions about lesser-known characters and seeing what he can recall from his comic book collecting youth. We have both avoided ever playing Dungeons & Dragons for fear of falling into an obsessive vortex and never being able to climb back into the real world. So yeah… nerds.

You may recall the Batman cape that snuck into a photo in this post about our nursery. Or the baby superhero artwork from this one. Basically, our daughters don’t stand a chance when it comes to being cool. Born of nerds… thus nerds you shall become.

Dressed as Buffy and Spike for Halloween, long before we ever knew we'd one day need a baby Superhero onesie.
Channeling my inner superhero… I truly am a nerd of the highest level. Did I mention my youngest child is named after a character from Buffy? Thankfully it’s not the titular character. I’m not that mean.

When Devin drew the series of baby superhero cartoons for our first daughter’s bedroom (now our second daughter’s bedroom), I knew I wanted to one day have them printed on t-shirts. I decided I’d start with baby Batman, because well… it’s Batman. And instead of a t-shirt I went with a baby superhero onesie so our second daughter could wear it and surprise him. Well, she hasn’t worn it yet, but he was indeed surprised! My dear friend Heidi (who is partially responsible for taking baby Batman from wall hanging to silkscreen) showed up for a dinner date with the baby superhero onesie in a gift bag, which she had put a rush order on through her mama’s screening business completely unbeknownst to me!

So thanks Heidi, Berna and All Sports Cresting for your patience with me as I agonized over every line of the baby Batman graphic in order to ensure it looked EXACTLY like the original. It’s a pretty special drawing by a pretty special person. Next up, I’m thinking a baby Catwoman t-shirt for my toddler, followed by baby Spiderman for Devin and baby Wonder Woman for me!

Who’s your favourite superhero? (Just for the record, mine is actually Buffy. Maybe I should get Devin to draw me a Buffy cartoon that I can print on a t-shirt instead?) Do you have a cool superhero shirt that you wear with pride? Or maybe an entire superhero costume…? Don’t forget to subscribe to have new posts delivered directly to your inbox!


Baby Superhero Onesie | One-of-a-kind baby superhero onesie featuring baby Batman – hand drawn by the extremely talented Devin Patterson. Next up? A baby Catwoman toddler t-shirt!

Posted on June 6, 2016

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Baby Superhero Onesie
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2 thoughts on “Baby Superhero Onesie

  • June 9, 2016 at 4:17 pm

    My apologies to those of you who are subscribed and witnessed my spelling boo-boo in the title before I caught it. Sigh… I never believed baby brain was a real thing, but… yeah.

  • June 14, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    I didn’t choose the nerd life, the nerd life chose me. For those who are unaware that quote was inspired by a YouTube backflipping hillbilly ninja.


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